Enrollment's and Membership

To attend our classes, use our studio and be a member there is an annual fee of $50. We prefer PayPal to keep track of our members and there is a button below for your use. There are extra benefits to being a member, we are offering specialised tuition to the advanced or specific interests of artists and students. We also give our members the chance to perform and teach. There are lots of reasons to join and become part of our unique company.

We are taking bookings for our classes, and private training, please download the forms and fill them in and return via email to classes@artbabes.com.au

Our classes have grown to the point where we can no longer offer drop in, except to our members.

Classes and training terms are 10 sessions, you can take either twice weekly or once until you have attended 10 classes, that is a term. Your progress is monitored to advance you through to the levels of an aerial artist or burlesque performer, teacher training is also available and for the technician there is specialised training being offered for 2011.

Membership is required to use our studios and be a part of Art Babes collaborations, we have many projects and performances throughout the year that we enjoy and your a big part of that!

Download our forms by clicking the links above.